Cover Bond gel 8ml


The BB Bond Gel is a success development that is extremely adhesive, even to problematic nails. It can be used as a totally reliable base layer for both the builder gels BrillBird and Mani Gel & Lac products.


  • Reliably adhesive gel building for both problematic clients and beginner technicians
  • It provides a non-sliding base for French Manicure refill, thus sharpening the smile line
  • is dissoluble as a Mani Gel & Lac base, keeping its adhesion

Cure time: 2 minutes

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Very natural, light covering bond gel. For french nails, it can be used on its own. It also covers small flaws and patches thanks to its soft capability. Cover it with Mani gel Pink or Milky to get an incredible combination of the two products.

Combined well with french sculpted gels under any type of cover pink shade. The result will be a perfect patch free, transitional nail bed. Easily spread. Not too soft product either. 8ml.

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